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Cyber Smart and Safe - Students

1 x 90 minute session

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Cyber Smart and Safe - Students

With the ever increasing use of technology, Cybersmart and Safe is an innovative and up-to-date program helping students safely navigate the online world.

By exploring the concept of a digital footprint and how their internet use can be traced and stored, students will learn how to interact safely online including how to respond to cyberbullying. It will also help them build an understanding around social media, discussing openly what it means to be digitally responsible.



By applying the knowledge and strategies learnt in Cyber Smart and Safe to their online interactions students will:

  • improve personal safety by understanding how to de-escalate potential cyberbullying for themselves and others

  • ensure their ongoing privacy by reducing the chance of their personal information being misused

  • be able to curate a digital footprint that will set them up well for the future


Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes of Cyber Smart and Safe include:

  • understanding the positive and negative aspects of social media

  • practical knowledge on how to stay safe by implementing privacy settings, knowing what to keep private and identifying true and hidden identities

  • learning to understand and identify cyberbullying and trolling, examining the personal and legal implications, and ways to respond

  • developing online resilience and empathy