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Free for group sessions*

1 x 2-3 hour session

*Individual sessions may incur a fee. Self Paced course is $25 but can be completed at a time & pace that suits you

Free for group sessions*
*Individual sessions may incur a fee. Self Paced course is $25 but can be completed at a time & pace that suits you

Building Connections is a course that combines information and guidance around the impact of separation on children, teaching you the skills needed to build workable parenting agreements so your child feels safe and supported by both parents following separation.

You will learn how to separate relationship issues from parenting decisions and how to better navigate differing opinions and disagreements so you can make the best decisions to support your family moving forward.

This course is designed with over 97 years’ experience in supporting family relationships to thrive and will help you on your journey of wanting to give your family the best future possible following separation.


Who is This For?

Building Connections is highly recommended for any parent going through a separation. If you have recently separated or are in the process of working out parenting arrangements, Building Connections will provide you with useful information that will help guide you and your decisions.



On completion of Building Connections you will:

  • have greater insight into the skills needed to co-parent effectively
  • be empowered to navigate disagreements with the other parent including voicing your needs respectfully
  • have learnt skills to help manage difficult emotions and how to support your child(ren) to do the same
  • know how to build positive habits for your wellbeing so you can cope better during and after separation
  • learn how to build healthy relationships with your child post-separation
  • feel supported and connected through this life transition 


Learning Outcomes

During this course you will learn:

  • how family separation and unresolved conflict affects children
  • how to be supportive of your child’s relationship with the other parent
  • how to identify healthy and unhealthy parenting behaviours and respond positively
  • next steps for life after separation
  • other support services available to help you after separation

Available Sessions

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Building Connections

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