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Tricky Talks

2 x 60 minute sessions

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Tricky Talks

Tricky Talks guides students and their trusted adults to kickstart open, honest communication about the years ahead.

An engaging and interactive program, it encourages open dialogue about the reproductive system, foetal development including the birth process, puberty and the physical and emotional changes that come with it.

Safety, consent and protective behaviours are also covered, helping to develop a shared understanding of how to navigate this period of development together.



Students and their trusted adults will: 

  • feel better connected thanks to shared learnings about the experience of puberty and the changes it brings

  • be confident to have open and honest conversations, helping to develop a deep and trusted relationship

  • see students empowered to keep safe and manage developmental changes confidently with the knowledge that they have the support of a trusted adult


Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes of Tricky Talks include current and age-appropriate information about:

  • individual and family differences

  • correct names for body parts and their function

  • keeping bodies safe

  • physical development and emotional changes that occur through puberty

  • conception, fertilisation, assisted reproduction and birth

  • boundaries and safety in a relationships

  • healthy and unhealthy relationships

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