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We recognise the intergenerational trauma First Nations people experience because of colonisation which continues to be passed from generation to generation with devastating effects. Our commitment is to address this trauma and harm inflicted on these communities and deliver services which aim to heal and reverse the cycle of pain and injustice.

As an organisation our vision is creating a world where thriving relationships exist at the heart of humanity. This means ensuring there is adequate support and accessibility to services which can assist First Nations people to have happier, healthier, and more thriving relationships.

To ensure that as an organisation we continue realising this commitment our internal Staff Reference Group Kutanya is formed by our First Nations staff and participating non-First Nations allies. Kutanya meet regularly to discuss issues and service provisions affecting First Nations Community providing policies and recommendations to the wider organisaiton to ensure we are constantly evolving our practice to enhance the wellbeing, safety and resilience of all First Nations children, families and communities.

Acknowledgement of Country

Interrelate acknowledges and pays respect to the First Nations people of this country. We acknowledge Elders past, present and emerging and their thousands of years of custodianship to these lands and waters.
Interrelate is committed to providing cultural humility in our practise and celebrates First Nations People’s ongoing connection to Country, Culture and Community across the lands on which we service.

How We Realise Our Commitment to Reconciliation

  • Foster an environment of respect and strength for First Nations’ cultures throughout our suite of services.
  • Acknowledge the harm done and listen to the stories of First Nations families and communities by past practices and social policies and seek to redress this by providing services that can empower and promote access and equity.
  • Promote and foster understanding and respectful mutual relationships between First Nations and other Australians.
  • Be a leader in the delivery of family and relationship services in partnership with First Nations communities and stakeholders.
  • Increase training, employment and professional development opportunities for First Nations and workers.
  • Work collaboratively with other services to address the barriers to achieving strong family relationships that First Nations face.