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In-personOnlineGrade 7 - 10

Choosing Well

1 x 90 minute sessions

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Choosing Well

Teaching teens the importance of healthy relationships with themselves and others.

In an open, safe and accepting environment with their peers they'll explore consent, sexuality, sexual health, conception and contraception at a time when healthy relationships are central to their overall development.



Students attending Choosing Well will:

  • Learn life long skills that will ensure they're better equipped to establish healthy relationships

  • Be empowered to own their sexual experiences including knowing how to have intimate conversations around consent and contraception

  • Keep themselves safe, knowing that it is okay to say no, any time

  • Be always informed knowing where to find additional information and support


Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes of Choosing Well include:

  • Features of healthy intimate relationships

  • What respect means in a relationship

  • Confident decision making in relationships

  • How to feel safe in relationships including ways to set boundaries

  • Consent and sexual health including sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

  • Knowledge of the different types of contraception

  • Know the law in regard to young people and sex

  • How to source help should it be needed