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In-personOnlineParentsGrade 3 - 6

Cyber Smart and Safe - Parents

1 x 60 minute session

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Cyber Smart and Safe - Parents

Empowering parents with the knowledge to support our young people as they navigate an ever increasing online world.

Using the latest research from eSafety, this program educates adults on how to ensure a positive online experience for our young people by providing insights into the way they experience the internet including strategies to help them be safe online.



Trusted adults who attend Cyber Smart and Safe will:

  • be better informed with knowledge on the latest in gaming, social networks and cyber-bullying

  • gain the skills to understand and manage privacy settings, online agreements, resources and services

  • be empowered to discuss topics at home with strategies to encourage ongoing and open dialogue


Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes from Cyber Smart and Safe include:

  • how to monitor online use including how to set boundaries

  • what is private information and why it needs to be protected

  • recognising safe and unsafe online behaviours

  • combating negative online experiences

  • recognising the impact of cyberbullying including how to report it

  • positive and negative effects of gaming

  • behaviours young people can use to protect themselves online

  • identifying the different ways children have a digital footprint