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Managing Menstruation

1 x 90 minute session

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Managing Menstruation

Developed to help young girls explore the physical, emotional and social aspects of menstruation in a safe and supporting environment, Managing Menstruation goes into depth about the menstrual cycle empowering them through knowledge to build confidence.

Through guided discussions around menstruation including the exploration of menstrual products girls will be better equipped to manage this critical time of transition with ease.



Students attending Managing Menstruation will:

  • gain knowledge, learning about the correct names and purpose of the female body including what to expect with the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty

  • be prepared with the practical, they'll know what to expect when they begin menstruating including how to manage this time with ease as they'll have the opportunity to explore the different types of period products

  • be empowered, they'll have the freedom to ask any question helping to dispel any myths and misconceptions


Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes for Managing Menstruation include:

  • understanding the physical, social and emotional developmental changes that occur with puberty

  • knowing where to seek support and how to support others as they begin menstruating

  • understanding how each menstrual product works and how to choose what will be right for them

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