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Call or message us for a confidential chat on how we can help your school

How We Can Help You

We've a common goal, we all want to ensure students are empowered through knowledge and information around relationships and sexuality so they can be the best they can be.

However, taking responsibly and teaching healthy information to our young people in a manner that builds on knowledge, skills and behaviours can be complex, confusing, even uncomfortable for teachers and parents. As your relationships and sexuality education partner we have, since our inception nearly 100 years ago, harnessed the courage to own these education moments and today our curriculum-aligned, evidence-based programs focus on developing the whole person, including biology, identity, relationships, gender resilience and expression of self.



With Interrelate as your relationships and sexuality education provider you will:

  • Feel confident as our highly experienced educators are not only experts in delivering relationships and sexuality education, they're also masters of the classroom, skilled at creating a safe space for engaged learning.
  • Be reassured in the knowledge that all our programs are always age-appropriate, aligning with the relevant National and State curriculums to meet required learning outcomes.
  • Be providing your students a well rounded education that focuses on the whole person, including biology, identity, resilience and self expression. With a focus on consent we include topics around protective behaviour and safely in an age appropriate level across all our programs.

Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, all our programs are curriculum aligned both to the national and state curriculums. We are more than happy to provide your school with the relevant information around this including syllabus outcomes. If you would like further information please reach out to us at

Yes, all our programs have a program logic framework developed around syllabus outcomes and evidence-based research. We partner with external bodies including universities and peak bodies to undertake rigorous evaluations of our programs and are proudly endorsed by the eSafety Commissioner to deliver education to school-aged children.

Yes, we are flexible in our program delivery and will do our best to accommodate your student's needs. If you have questions about selecting the right program for your school group, please reach out so we can discuss your specific needs at

We take a whole of community approach when it comes to the education of young people as it helps to reinforce their learning and positive behaviour development. We also believe it is important that parents and teachers also receive the same information to encourage conversation and shared learning opportunities. This approach is recognised by the Health Promoting Schools model developed by the World Health Organisation which indicates that a collective approach to a child's education can improve learning outcomes around health and relationships.

Our educators are highly experienced and passionate about educating young people. We require all our educators to have:

  • A degree or tertiary qualification in Education/ Social Sciences
  • Experience in classroom management and working with children
  • Experience in program development, implementation and review
  • Experience in group work and facilitation
  • Experience in communicating sensitive/personal issues to children, students and adults
  • Working with Children’s Check and Australian National Police Check

Our programs are delivered by age group not by gender as we believe this is a more accurate reflection of real life interactions and encourages mutual respect and understanding amongst peers.

We are intentional about using inclusive language, images and messaging around gender diversity. Our relationships and sexuality programs respectfully include examples about body and gender diversity that reflect the diverse communities we live and work with.

Child safety is our highest priority across all Interrelate services. Through our education programs we ensure children are supported to recognise the early signs of unsafe behaviour and build their confidence to speak up when something doesn't feel right.

Consent is an important theme throughout all our programs and addressed at age-appropriate levels for years 3 - 6, introducing students to concepts about safety, respect and communication. Themes of consent are also woven throughout our online and in-person programs including discussions and workbook activities. Our program content is aligned with state curriculums and satisfies the relevant syllabus outcomes for teaching students the principles and behaviours that define consent.  If you would like more information around this you can contact us directly at

 As a non-for-profit and charitable organisation the delivery of our relationships and sexuality programs is an integral part of our mission to support greater awareness and action around creating respectful relationships. There is no Government funding to deliver our programs which is why we rely on fees to deliver them. Please be aware that we keep our fees as low as possible so that more young Australians have access to these valuable education programs. 

Please reach out to discuss this with us as it may be possible to arrange sharing costs with another school. This has been very successful in regional areas where small schools have joined forces to participate in a program together either online or at one of the school in-person.


We are here to help you and your family reach the best outcome for your situation. If you have any feedback regarding your experience we encourage you to speak with your counsellor, mediator or case worker or reach out to us directly using our message form via the button below.