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Moving Into the Teen Years

3 x 90 minute sessions

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Moving Into the Teen Years

Developed for students preparing to transition to secondary school, this comprehensive program covers the physical, emotional, and social changes that occur during puberty, encouraging students to reflect on how this developmental stage may affect their relationships and sense of self.

In a supportive, safe, and open environment, curriculum aligned information is provided about protective behaviours, consent and respect as well as sexual intercourse, foetal development, and birth.



Students attending MITTY 6 will:

  • feel more confident in their knowledge about the physical and emotional development throughout puberty and into their teens

  • be empowered with the freedom to ask questions informally, receiving accurate answers in real time to help dispel myths and misconceptions

  • develop the skills to maintain healthy relationships through the use of strategies to set boundaries and resolve conflicts

  • feel better equipped to keep their bodies safe using their knowledge of consent and protective behaviours

  • be encouraged to continue discussions with trusted adults at home, supported by workbooks and at-home activities


Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes for MITTY 6 include current and age-appropriate information about:

  • names for body parts

  • physical development and emotional changes during puberty

  • consent and protective behaviours

  • sexual intercourse, conception, foetal development and birth

  • decision-making processes and consequences

  • expectations for secondary school

What Students and Teachers Are Saying About MITTY 6