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Me and the Big Wide World

3 x 60 minute sessions

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Me and the Big Wide World

A safe and supportive way to start the conversation with young, enquiring minds about families, bodies, and babies.

Consistently delivered at an age-appropriate level, students will learn about family relationships, body safety, consent, the anatomy of their bodies including development stages, and the basic principles of reproduction.



Students attending Me and the Big Wide World will:

  • gain important knowledge as they're introduced to accurate information about families, bodies and development stages including conception

  • be empowered, they'll have the freedom to ask any question receiving accurate answers in real time to help dispel myths and misconceptions

  • be encouraged to continue discussions with trusted adults at home, supported by workbooks and at-home activities


Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes for Me and the Big Wide World include current and age-appropriate information about:

  • individual and family differences within their community

  • consent and protective behaviours

  • their bodies, development stages, conception and birth

What Teachers and Students Are Saying About Me and the Big Wide World