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*Eligibility criteria applies
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*Eligibility criteria applies

Our family and personal relationships are the most important relationships we have. When they are working well they give us a sense of belonging, love and safety which is why it’s important we look after them and ourselves.

All of us here at Interrelate are culturally aware, providing you with a safe and confidential environment where you are heard and understood as we walk with you on your journey.

Our First Nations community development workers are here to have a yarn and provide you with access to support for:

  • separated parents who want a healthy relationship with your children
  • parents who want support relating to your children
  • families who want to improve your relationships and connection with one another
  • partners and parents of First Nations people wanting to develop cultural safety with your family
  • young people wanting connection with identity and culture
  • men and women wanting to improve skills and knowledge around being a parent and partner
  • mob wanting to reconnect with your children/ grandchildren and build stronger relationships


Who is This For?

This service is here for you if you identify as First Nations and would like help with accessing support for your wellbeing, mental health or relationships.

Our First Nations staff are here to have a yarn, advocate for you and provide you with referrals to help you get the support you need.



Benefits of accessing this service are:

  • a strong sense of belonging and connection to culture, your story, identity and community
  • empowered with knowledge and skills to deal with disagreements and differences in your relationships
  • confidence as a parent and partner to provide a safe and loving environment for your family
  • you feel heard and understood in a non-judgemental space
  • referral pathways to support services, assisting you with access to other services that can help you


What to Expect?

This service is here to support you and your mob with anything related to your relationships, mental health, wellbeing and family situation - from separation to building a stronger connection together.

This may look like having a yarn and a cuppa or being linked with one of our services that can help you with your situation. Our aim is to make sure you feel heard and connected to the right support for you.

How to Access This Service

Step 1

Step 1

Call, email or drop in for a yarn and a cuppa at your nearest office and help us understand how we can support you.

Step 2

Step 2

Once we understand your needs we will connect you with the relevant services and support for you.

Step 3

Step 3

We will be there along the way to walk beside you and ensure you can access the support you need.


We are here to help you and your family reach the best outcome for your situation. If you have any feedback regarding your experience we encourage you to speak with your counsellor, mediator or case worker or reach out to us directly using our message form via the button below.