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In-personOnlineGrade 7 - 10

Body Positivity

1 x 90 minute session

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Body Positivity

It is well known that the pressure to be perfect is being compounded by the influence of social media.

Body Positivity aims to help overcome this by exploring what is a healthy body and how to maintain a positive body image. Through awareness of the media's role in creating stereotypes, students will understand how to appreciate all bodies including how to positively look after their own.



Students attending Body Positivity will:

  • Form healthy respect, learning to love what bodies can do not just how they look

  • Be given permission to challenge media messages and stereotypes as they'll be better informed about the impact these can have on self image

  • Be empowered with knowledge about challenges to body positivity so they are able to support themselves and others 


Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes include:

  • Social media and the impact it can have on self-image

  • Respect of self and others

  • Importance of mental and physical health

  • How to help others feel positive about their body