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Moving Into the Teen Years

3 x 90 minute sessions

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Moving Into the Teen Years

Puberty is a time of growth and change which is both exciting and confusing. MITTY 5 is age-appropriate relationships and sexuality education, introducing students to the physical, emotional, and social changes that occur with puberty.

Curriculum aligned, MITTY 5 is designed to enhance self-esteem by encouraging open and guided conversations on how everyone experiences things differently. Fostering positive management strategies to nurture their sense of self and healthy relationships.



Students attending MITTY 5 will:

  • gain knowledge, learning about their bodies and the changes they'll experience through puberty

  • be empowered, they'll have the freedom to ask question receiving accurate answers in real time to help dispel myths and misconceptions

  • improve their self-esteem, feeling more confident to maintain respectful and healthy relationships by learning about effective communication and conflict resolution strategies

  • be encouraged to continue discussions with trusted adults at home, supported by workbooks and at-home activities


Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes for MITTY 5 include current and age-appropriate information about:

  • individual differences, correct names for body parts and their function

  • consent and how to keep their bodies safe

  • physical development and emotional changes through puberty

  • boundaries and safety in relationships

  • healthy and unhealthy relationships

What Students and Teachers Are Saying About MITTY 5