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From $25*
* Additional Fees may apply for consults

As children develop, especially between the ages of 9 and 12, they experience a mass of change - physically, mentally and emotionally. This course will help you set the foundations of trust and respectful relationships with your child as they head into these tween years.

This program will help you be the parent you want to be during these years by developing your awareness that it is okay to make mistakes, transforming them into valuable life lessons for you and your child.

Whether you are already experiencing challenges with your child’s behaviour or you would like to get a head start on what’s ahead for you both, then Parenting Tweens has something for you.


Who is This For?

This course is for parents with children aged between 9 and 12 (the tweens) who are wanting to relate to their child through this developmental stage, supporting them to establish healthy boundaries and habits during this formative time. If you or your child are struggling with this transition into the teen years, then we can help you stay on track for building the foundations of a positive future.



Participants of this program will be supported with practical strategies to parent their tweens with confidence.

On completion of Parenting Tweens you will:

  • Build your knowledge of communication techniques that shape healthy respectful relationships 
  • Learn how to navigate the relationship you have with your child and the relationships your child has with their peers and others
  • Lay the foundations for the teen years by establishing healthy boundaries and mutual respect
  • Parent from a place of confidence and positivity and enjoy more of this time in your child's life


Learning Outcomes

During this course you will learn:

  • The skills to identify and develop the parent you want to be
  • How to manage mistakes, learning to accept that they are a common part of parenting
  • Practical strategies to parent your child from a place of trust and respect
  • How to communicate clearly and openly with your child, establishing healthy habits in your relationship
  • How to support your child as they learn to navigate their relationships in a healthy and respectful manner

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Parenting Tweens

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