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From $150

6 - 8 weeks depending on course

*some locations may offer some free or reduced cost courses

From $150
*some locations may offer some free or reduced cost courses

Taking the time to develop secure bonds with your child early in life can set them up for having better long-term outcomes throughout their life. Building this relationship early supports your child to build self-confidence and healthy emotional regulation as they grow and respond to the world around them.

This course supports you as a parent to develop the knowledge to recognise and respond to the needs of your child and help them to form secure relationships with you and with others.


Who is This For?

Circle of Security is for parents and carers of young children aged 0-9 who want to improve their parenting skills and relationship with their child or children.

This course can be particularly beneficial for:

  • first-time parents
  • single parents
  • parents wanting to bond better with their child
  • parents with limited support networks
  • parents who have been estranged or spent long periods away from their child
  • parents who have a strained relationship with their own parents
  • parents who have difficulty connecting and relating with others
  • carers who are a non-biological parent for the child



Circle of Security is based on decades of research around how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened. This course will provide you with the guidance to develop strong and lasting bonds them, helping to set them up for secure attachments later on.

On completion of Circle of Security you will:

  • Have greater confidence in your ability to identify your child's needs
  • Know how to build a healthy and close connection with your child


Learning Outcomes

During this course you will learn:

  • How to understand your child's emotional world so you can learn how to read and respond to their needs
  • How to support your child to manage their emotions and find healthy outlets for them
  • Learning strategies to enhance your child’s development and self-esteem
  • Building the skills to nurture your child’s innate abilities as well as your own as a parent

Available Sessions

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