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What is Child Inclusive Practice?

Child Inclusive Practice (CIP) helps to shift the focus of difficult negotiations during separation to prioritise your children's wellbeing, allowing you to broaden your perspective and take in your child's point of view so you can make better decisions around their future wellbeing.

This whole of family approach works by providing each child with an opportunity to talk to a trained Child Consultant in a supportive and safe environment, giving them a voice to express their experience around the family separation. This then allows you, as the parent, to better understand their feelings, their wishes and their unspoken developmental needs so you can be better informed in your decision making.

Working together to find the right outcomes in the beginning will set you up for long term co-parenting success.


Who is This For?

As a proud child-focused organisation we will suggest your child is consulted in all appropriate circumstances as we know it will help obtain the best outcomes for you, your child and your family. It is not required for all mediations but it can be a supportive process in most.

It is likely to be suggested if:

  • you and your ex-partner can't agree on what is in the best interest of your child
  • your child is of an appropriate age (typically aged 5 and above)
  • your child has expressed they'd like to be part of your negotiation process
  • you and your ex-partner are hearing different or conflicting messages from your child or think they are telling you what they think you want to hear, not what they are actually thinking


Who Are Child Consultants?

Child Consultants are specifically trained practitioners who are able to connect safely and positively with children of all ages. They are very aware of the potential impact of separation on children across academic, social, emotional and developmental areas and know how to speak with your child at an age appropriate level to provide you with clarity on what is important to them.


How Does Child Inclusive Practice Work?

Child Consultations can only be engaged if both parents and the children consent. You and your ex-partner will first meet with the Child Consultant to help give them an understanding of the situation, your child’s developmental history and any current concerns. The Child Consultant will then meet with the children, providing them with:

  • a safe place to talk about how they feel about your separation
  • a chance for them to express their needs and wants
  • a place where they can speak openly about each parent without fear of hurting them

After the session, the consultant will provide feedback to you, the other parent and your mediator allowing your child's voice to be heard throughout the negotiations.