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*Eligibility criteria applies. Session lengths vary based on service provided
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*Eligibility criteria applies. Session lengths vary based on service provided

Our Family Mental Health Support Service is a free service offering targeted early intervention mental health support to children and young people under 18 as we know early support offers the best opportunity for a positive and healthy future.

If you suspect your child's wellbeing is at risk we can provide non-clinical, community based mental health support to them, your family and community. Your child will be guided by an experienced Child, Youth and Family Support Worker who support them to develop the skills and habits needed to flourish.

The support worker will also work with your child's school and other relevant local services to ensure they're given the best chance to shine. This service is highly flexible and has been designed to work within your child's routine and needs.

With a focus on empowering your child, we will work with your family focusing on skills development, fostering strong relationships and creating a culture of respect and care, all whilst being sensitive to diverse cultural backgrounds and perspectives.


Who is This For?

Our Family Mental Health Support Service has been developed to support families with young people aged up to 18 years old who are either already affected by mental illness or are at risk of developing poor mental health and wellbeing outcomes.

You may wish to refer your child if:

  • they are experiencing bullying
  • are trying to get out of going to school regularly
  • are having difficulties coming to terms with their sense of self/self esteem
  • require support with healthier eating
  • seem down or not themselves
  • need help creating or improving peer relationships
  • are moving towards a healthier or more active lifestyle and need some help
  • are transitioning from primary to high school
  • need support to better manage strong emotions

We can also support local schools who have identified there is an at-risk population of young people who could benefit from sessions with one of our specialised Child, Youth and Family Support Workers. 


Family Mental Health Support for Schools

Our Family Mental Health Support Service is also available to work directly with schools especially if they're seeing young people with signs of withdrawal, school avoidance or negative behavioural characteristics.

If your school has risks of children developing poor mental health and wellbeing outcomes contact us to discuss how our team may be able to support your school community.

We can provide support by:

  • providing a Child, Youth and Family Support Worker that can work onsite to support students individually
  • organising ongoing group sessions for at-risk young people that focus on improving mental health and strengthening relationships
  • actively engaging the families of at-risk young people with aims to improve overall home life


Benefits of Family Mental Health Support Service

The benefits of this specialised service includes:

  • improved mental health for your child and family as you are all better equipped with the tools and support needed to successfully navigate mental health challenges
  • strengthened relationships as a support system built with your family and the community allows your child to feel comfortable and safe in the knowledge that they always have somewhere to turn
  • improved engagement at school, home and within the community so your child can actively participate in all aspects of their lives


How We Can Help You

Our Child, Youth and Family Support Workers provide targeted one on one support to your child and family, taking place at school, in public spaces such as local cafes, at your home or in our office.

With our support we will:

  • connect you and your child with your community by collaborating with local services to provide holistic care. We work closely with counsellors, psychologists, school wellbeing teams or other support services
  • give you and your child access to groups and courses that enhance skills, give ideas and provide support. We offer a variety of group programs including emotional regulation development, anxiety specific programs, community school holiday activities, mental health education and cultural school transition programs
  • liaise with school and other services to ensure you have the right support in place. We have extensive experience working directly with schools that are seeing young people with signs of withdrawal, school avoidance or negative behavioural characteristics


What to Expect

When your child participates in our Family Mental Health Support Service we will foster:

  • Development: We are committed to helping your child acquire essential skills required for a fulfilling life, including emotional resilience, communication skills, and management strategies for the difficult times.
  • Culture of Respect: We nurture a culture of respect where every individual is treated with the care and dignity they deserve. Your child will be welcomed into an environment that is conducive to growth and healing.
  • Professional Care: Your child will receive high-quality attention and care from our entire team. We are passionate about assisting you all in making the most of life, supporting you throughout this journey.


Where is This Service Available?

Our Family Mental Health Support is a free service available within the Central Coast, Coffs Harbour, Coonamble, Bourke and Cobar.


Dedicated First Nations Support

If you are a First Nations family our Family Mental Health Support Services will work closely with our locally based First Nations Community Development Workers to provide a deeper understanding of your unique needs so they can support your community. *Check your local office for availability


Communities for Children

Communities for Children is a similar service delivered to other areas of New South Wales, giving parents short-term intervention and parenting support.

Click through to our Hamilton or Lismore pages to learn more about how we can help you.


We are here to help you and your family reach the best outcome for your situation. If you have any feedback regarding your experience we encourage you to speak with your counsellor, mediator or case worker or reach out to us directly using our message form via the button below.