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14 weeks

*Concessions available.
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*Concessions available.

Respectful Man is the first course of its kind, integrating First Nations knowledge and culture with a therapeutic approach, to help you improve your behaviour in relationships.

With Respectful Man you will have the space and support to build on your skills of communication and emotional regulation learning how to identify and manage your triggers so you can form healthier relationships with yourself and others.

During this 14 week program you will be encouraged to explore your past including how family have impacted the man you are today whilst also helping you shape the idea of the man you would like to be and steps you need to get you there.

This course is run by men for men to build a safe, confidential and supportive environment where you can share your experience. You will hear from other men about their experiences as together you learn to challenge yourself and hold each other accountable respectfully.


Who is this for?

Respectful Man is specifically for men who have used or have the propensity to use abuse of any kind in their intimate relationships. The course is for you if you can recognise the emotional, verbal or physical abuse in your personal relationships and are ready to make meaningful change in your life. This course is suitable for adults and young men. 



Respectful Man supports you to take responsibility for yourself and become a dependable role model for the people you love and care for.

On completion of Respectful Man you will:

  • be able to identify how you're feeling and manage how you respond to this
  • role model positive behaviour for your child and give them the foundations for a bright future
  • have the skills to communicate yourself openly and respectfully
  • be able to reflect on your behaviour and learn from your experiences so you can build the future you want for yourself
  • navigate disagreements and difficult conversations in your relationships
  • feel more confident and capable of going after what you want in life and showing up as the man you know you can be


Learning outcomes

During this course you will learn:

  • the impact your feelings have on your behaviour and on others, as you learn to take ownership of these feelings
  • your understanding of how you filter your experiences and how these are usually different for everyone
  • how your family history has helped shape you and influence the man you are today
  • about shame and vulnerability and the role it plays in cycles of abuse
  • how to introduce healthy behaviors' and changes to support healthier relationships in your life
  • how power and control shows up in your relationship
  • how to deal with feelings of anger and aggression without taking it out on the people around you
  • how to reflect on what you have learnt during the course and reflect on how this relates to your experiences and relationships outside of it

Get involved

Due to the success of Respectful Man and the positive changes men have reported after participating in the course, we would like to deliver this course to more men who are ready for change. If you're interested in giving to the cause of putting an end to cycles of violence and abuse, reach out today!