Puberty And Special Girls™ is a puberty resource written for girls with special needs, including:
• intellectual disability
• physical disability
• language disorder
• autism

Puberty And Special Girls provides practical information about growing up which  will help girls understand the changes experienced at puberty. This puberty book has simple text and colourful, fun illustrations. It provides age- appropriate information presented in a friendly, inclusive manner which is ideal for girls with special needs.

This is a puberty book for girls with learning disabilities. It includes additional information to the content of Special Girls’ Business, including:
• information needed to develop a greater understanding about puberty and sexuality
• management of periods using pads or tampons
• hints on personal hygiene
• strategies for coping with mood changes
• information about emerging sexuality
• protective behaviours
• practical hints for parents, teachers and carers.

Puberty and Special Girls will help girls with special needs, and the important adults in their lives, to manage this stage of life with confidence.